Scooting Safely

How to scoot safely

Although electric scooters are great fun, they should be treated like any other vehicle you may ride. Riding an e-scooter improperly or recklessly can result in injury or death just as with any bicycle or motorcycle. The following precautions should always be taken to ensure maximum safety whilst riding a scooter.

Wear protective clothing

Always wear a helmet and where possible knee and elbow pads. A broken arm or leg can be fixed. A broken brain cannot. Most scooter accidents result in head injuries.

Never drink and scoot

Riding an electric scooter while under the influence of alcohol or drugs is not only illegal, it’s extremely dangerous. A third of respondents in a study admitted drinking alcohol within 12 hours of their scooter accident.

Never ride in tandem

Unless your electric scooter was designed to accommodate 2 people, you should always scoot solo. Most electric scooters aren’t designed to bear the weight of 2 people, don’t have enough room and there’s nothing for person 2 to hold on to. Accident incoming!

Never ride recklessly

This includes not riding where you’re not allowed to, using appropriate hand signals if riding in traffic, don’t hang bags on the handlebars and don’t check you phone whilst in motion! All of these things can affect your concentration or balance and result in serious injury or worse.

Riding at night or in poor visibility

If your scooter does not have a headlight and taillight never ride on the roads when it is dark or visibility is poor. Even during the daytime and when visibility is good always wear reflective clothing.

Never ride a damaged or defective scooter

Always conduct a visual inspection before mounting your electric scooter. Check the wheels are straight and true, the lights are working (where applicable) and the battery has enough power. Once you set off test the brakes and throttle.


Just because you can ride a bicycle doesn’t mean you’ll be an expert rider the first time you step aboard an electric scooter. So, before you start whizzing around at top speed, practice in a quiet, open space. Ensure you are competent and confident in starting, stopping, accelerating, braking and turning.

Obey the law

When riding an electric scooter, you should ride as if you would if you were traveling in any other motorized vehicle. Do not ride it anywhere it is not legal to do so, stop at all stop signs and traffic lights and be considerate of pedestrians, animals and other road users. Learn the local laws and regulations!

Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations as per the user manual

Regardless of whether you want to perform jumps and tricks on your e-scooter, your user manual will almost certainly advise against it. Whilst there’s nothing to stop you attempting to become the 21st century’s Evel Knievel, if you damage your scooter or hurt yourself (or someone else) you’ve only yourself to blame!